We are living in the time of prophecy where powerful evolutionary and involutionary forces are catalysing profound changes on all levels of being. As holy, divine, sovereign souls we chose to come to Earth at this time to assist in the “Great Turning” known in the Andean cosmology as “Pachakuti.” Right now it’s game time on planet Earth. 

We are living within the total dissolution of the age of Separation, which has been defined by a dominator empire extraction model of "divide and separate" which has created a time of the cascading crisis' as all of the old patriarchal systems are simultaneously breaking down. The old way is dying and let’s be honest, it's a messy passing. No one knows how long and how messy it will be. At the same time, an ancient yet ever new way is growing strong, like a vast underground mycelium web. The seeds of this "new way" have been secretly tended to through the mystery schools, indigenous wisdom systems, and the pure invincible innocence of our very own hearts.

As awakening Earth Angels and star seeds, we often have become conditioned, to believe that we need to do this all on our own. That we need to focus on helping everyone else before helping ourselves. These are the old ways of martyrdom and spiritual codependency that must be surrendered and relinquished back into the light of Source Creatrix/Creator, so we can get real and get resourced to actually align to our incarnational Purpose which is to help co-birth heaven on earth through our embodied Divine nature.

We have come from all over the multiverse to embody here and actively participate in this global metamorphosis. We have a mission and purpose that is magnificent beyond our human understanding. Each one of us is here to liberate the collective planetary consciousness from the inside out. It's a big assignment, but it's also the greatest Game in creation. Each of us is helping to catalyse a groundswell of spiritual ecocentric awakening on a collective level never seen before. Humans and the Earth herself are undergoing a quantum metamorphosis which is transforming and up-leveling every aspect of life. 


We are the generation of Earth Angels who get to be the free-will agents consciously healing and bridging the greatest expression of polarity ever embodied on one planet. This is an intense and awesome planet for growing our souls! In order to live from our awakened holy, divine, sovereignty we need to become super clear and focused on becoming the most resourced and empowered in a ever increasing manner. We cannot accomplish our soul mission if we are not integrally resourced and living truthfully to our Heart's deepest calling. Your empowered wholeness is required!

This is no small mission, this is the Life time we have all been preparing for as souls, now is the time to fully step into your mission and life purpose to GROW LOVE here in every way. In order to live our purpose, we need to know that we are supported by the mightiest aspects of divine love (within and all around.) We need to know on all levels of our being that we have the invincible and unconditional love of our own hearts, the ascended masters, the star elders, christed beings, the sainted ones, all the buddhas and infinite emanation of the divine femine circling us every breath. That we have the backing of the guardians of Ayni, because we are living in the right relationship with Creation. This includes: the alive elements of earth, water, air, fire, and spirit; the spirits of the land; the nature spirits and plant Devas; the ancient tree beings; the benevolent ancient ones and ancestors; the sacred Mountains, and the vast web of sentient life that is Pachamama.


We live in unprecedented times of transformation and crisis, where the call to awaken and evolve has never been stronger. This call is one of remembrance. You came here with a mission and sacred promise to Grow Love (as we all did). Now that we are incarnated we have a huge amount of healing and clearing of the trauma and viral belief systems of our ancestors, family systems, and the collective consciousness of humanity, to be able to embody this Remembrance. 


We are deeply engaged in powerful practices of healing and clearing the intergenerational trauma from our own lives and that of countless ancestors. We are apprenticing to Life and the Power of Creation though the Pachakuti Mesa tradition, plant spirit medicine ceremonial practice, and potent leading edge healing practices birthed out of the new science understanding of the zero point field, distance healing,  and epigenetics. We are experiencing contact with our Star Families, angelic orders, peak experiences in medicine ceremonies, and having spontaneous visionary experiences. This level of activation, apprenticeship, and awakening is epic for all of us. If we do not have strong energetic practices and grounded human support while engaging in these activities we can become imbalanced, unstable, and our lives can become increasingly dissonant. This is why we have birthed Nuna Kallpa Empowerment!