A ceremonial reclamation of Power

December 31, 2020 -January 2nd, 2021

We are in one of the greatest moments of collective dissonance and chaos that we have experienced in our lives. Which is ultimately a good thing. Dissonance and chaos are vital steps within the alchemical process of transformation.  At this time each one of us is at the leading edge of our awakening and remembrance. Everything that is happening here to wake us up and out of our illusions of separation. Finding our way through the wildly uncharted territory of the chaos of change being brought by the prophesied, Great Turning, is a heroic journey. To be fully alive in the Truth of the Heart, is requiring a level of unprecedented spiritual warriorship. To make it all so much more interesting and intense, no one is being left behind, we are all doing this together.

 It's a quantum leap time.


The chaos, discomfort, and uncertainty of this quantum leap, is requiring the reclamation of a whole new level of Power. Not “power” over in the old patriarchal sense, but Power from within. This reclamation of our eternal invincible inner Power of divinity is the embodiment of Sovereignty. 


This retreat will be a potent catalyst for healing, transformation, and beginning 2021 living within the sacred center of your Sovereign heart. 

Now is the time. You are the One.

This retreat is held in the magnificent Kaslo, BC.

What is included in this retreat 

  • Three days and two nights of Earth honouring ceremonial work with 1 Heart Meditations & 1 Divine Elixir Cacao ceremony

  • Sacred Council, ceremony, and teachings of Embodied sovereignty

  • Teachings and practices of Planetary healing rituals of the Andes.

  • Elemental cleansing and blessing rituals 

  • Organic local delicious food. Each meal nourishes the body, heart, and soul!

  • Sacred songs, Restorative movement, dance, and Shamanic energy practices

  • Skilled, experienced, and kind facilitators.

  • Pre- retreat mentorship call to prepare for event (if requested)

  • Integration support through 1 follow-up group zoom calls and individual support where needed.

  • Optional Flower baths, body and energy work.

  • Full access to beach, cedar hot tub, and sauna.


Retreat begins on Thursday December 31st at 9am and concludes Saturday January 1st at noon.


Thursday December 31st, 2020

Check in 9am

10am  Opening council

Noon- Lunch

1pm- 4pm

Interactive teachings on Power and Sovereignty

“Beloved Elixir” cacao ceremony with deep dive

shamanic breath journey 

4-6pm Delicious Self Care with massages, Spa,

beach, and sweet connection.

6:30pm- Dinner

8-10pm Shamanic journey to welcome the New Year


Friday January 1st, 2021

9am- Mesada of Sovereignty

(Heart Medicine Ceremony)

7pm- Dinner

Saturday January 2nd, 2021

8-9am Breakfast

9-12pm Morning Integration and council ceremony


Retreat Financial Reciprocity:

 $555 CAD

(this does NOT include lodging costs which are listed below)





We have created two options for financial reciprocity for this retreat.

If you have the call to join, we hope these options help to support you in making this an easy YES.

​Payment option 1- $555

Pay 50% deposit at the time of registration and the other 50% upon arrival on December 31st, 2020


Payment option 2- Four equal payments of $166

First payment is due upon registration and then each month after that. 

(please note that there is an extra 20% for this option as it increases costs, taxes, and complexities on our end)


This 2 night retreat will be held at the beautiful Sentinel Retreat

● $105/person/day shared accommodation, or $210/day private king room (only 6 available)

● $90/person/day shared accommodation, or $180/day private (2 Queen rooms)

● $75/person/night glamping (sunroom - 4 people)

Please note that the lodging costs will be paid directly to the Sentinel and will also include GST.

For more information or questions please email:


To register go to: