The Return of the bird tribes

     A Heart ceremony and sacred dance weekend 

                         of healing and remembrance.

The prophecies of the “Return of the Bird Tribes” is an understanding that many souls have chosen to incarnate here to assist Earth in this critical time of collective birthing. We have done this before and we will do it again. Our tribe of angelic earth angels are transforming the consciousness of humanity, from the inside out. It’s an epic undercover mission fraught with great peril and even greater possibility.


Each of our healing journeys are woven together with the healing of the collective. As we turn towards and embrace those places of pain and suffering deep within us, this has quantum effects forwards and backwards in time.  It can be a great challenge to reconcile the inner knowing that Life can be filled with so much more love, beauty, kindness and compassion than the harsh intensity of this time. It can be a shock at the deepest level of soul to find our vast wings of spirit anchored to these small fragile bodies. 


As the intensity of the transformational energies flooding earth and the polarity within the collective human consciousness expand in ever increasing measure, we are called not just to remember, but to embody and express the Divine love that we are. To live from any other place causes extreme distress and hardship. To embody and express our Divine natures we each require “Sacred spaces” to drink deeply and renew ourselves in Love and embodied presence. As we resource and empower ourselves through our ceremonial work, we each assist and steward the Great Turning.


Now is the time to reconcile our humanity and our divinity, our earthly natures and our heavenly natures, now is the time for the “Return of the Bird Tribes”.  To honour the depth of healing and the call to serve that is alight in so many hearts in this community, we will be gathering August 28-30, 2020 for a weekend of reverent ceremony, ecstatic dance, and star medicine teachings. 


Financial Reciprocity:



This includes organic delicious meals Friday night - Sunday morning, overnight camping and semi-private indoor sleeping options, 2 dance sets by DJ Apukuna and so much more.


Our guest alchemical magician DJ APUKUNA will provide sacred sound scapes for dancing our medicine into this Blessed Earth. (This ceremony weekend is directly inspired by his visionary set on soundcloud “The Return of the Bird Tribes”. This is pure medicine and a good taste of what’s to come for our gathering!)


We will gather Friday evening for the opening circle, teachings, and evening dance to prepare for our Saturday Heart  Meditation (with ecstatic dance and star medicine shamanic breath journey). Sunday morning we will have an integration and closing circle. 

For more information please email: visionaryheartsretreat@gmail.com