Heaven on Earth

A Ceremonial Journey into the Heavenly realms.

March 11-22nd, 2021

This 11 day ceremonial retreat of reverence, ritual, and renewal, will be a deep dive healing and embodiment immersive, into the "Heart of the Beauty Way".

Hamakua Coast, Hawaii


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Sacred Valley Pilgrimage 2020

Receive the Humminbirds blessing

This 11 day soul nourishing pilgrimage to the Sacred Valley of Peru will be a ceremonial and initiatory journey into the Heart of the Andean wisdom traditions. It is a precious opportunity to create a more alive and awakened connection to the ancient, yet every new, wisdom of the Andes. The Andean healing traditions offer a potent antidote to the disconnection to Earth and Soul, so prevalent in the dominant global culture. Each of us who brings healing to the disconnection in our own lives, helps to bring Healing to the collective.


Apu Mystica 2020

Journey to the 4 Sacred Apus of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition.

Join us for this 10 day journey of transmutation and illumination to Apu Ausangate, Apu Salkantay, Apu Pachatusan, and Apu Huanacari to radically potentiate your Soul Service to Pachamama!



Warrioress Retreat

A Visionary Council for Women of the Sacred Arts

January 8-10, 2021

In this gathering of wise warrior women we will illuminate the mystery school that lives within each of our hearts through the ceremonial reclamation of our Divine Sovereignty. We will dive deep into the well of compassion, forgiveness, and medicine that lives in our DNA and re-member Love that we are.


Divine Union

A ceremonial journey into the Heart of the Mystic


At the heart of every mystical tradition is Divine Union. This is an embodied and transcendent experience of the sacred marriage of divine feminine and masculine energies; the heart and mind; spirit and matter; light and dark; form and formlessness. 

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A transformational retreat for healers, care providers, and frontline workers.

In this 4 day ceremonial retreat of renewal we will bring the vast love that lives within our hearts home to the inner “wounded healer”. Be ready to deeply transform through radical empowerment.