Heaven on Earth


Embody your divinity

Hamakua Coast, Hawaii

March 11-22, 2021

Heal through Love.

Awaken within Beauty.

embody Sovereignty. 

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This 11-day ceremonial retreat of reverence, ritual, and renewal will be a deep dive healing and embodiment immersive, into the “Heart of the Beauty Way”. We will be engaging in powerful transformational work of 4 heart meditations (2 in the night and 2 in the day.) This retreat will be a synthesis of our most potent healing practices and empowerment tools, and will be an opportunity for radical healing and remembrance on all levels. This retreat is ideal for those who are ready to release the core addictions to suffering and victimhood, and reclaim Love and Sovereignty as a divine birthright. This quality of soul alchemy and higher ceremonial practice can only be attained through an in person immersive of this depth. 

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We will also have the amazing opportunity to sit in teachings and ceremonies with local elders; ritually connect with the wisdom of the ancient Lemurians; practice yoga and breath work every day, travel to some of the powerful sacred sites on the big island for offerings and activations, swim with dolphins, and so much more!


This will be an opportunity to totally upgrade and up level your connection to your heart, your soul, and embody (in ever increasing measure) your Divinity. 


Space is limited as this will be a focused and intimate container.

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What is included in this retreat 

  • 11 days of Earth honouring ceremonial work with 4 Heart Mediations.

  • Sacred Council, ceremony, and teachings of Embodying your divinity through the "art of the beauty way."

  • Teachings and practices of Planetary healing rituals of the Andes.

  • Elemental cleansing and blessing rituals 

  • Guided shamanic journey work to awaken the remembrance of your divinity and reactivate your divine genome.

  • Organic local delicious food. Each meal nourishes the body, heart, and soul! 

  • Sacred songs, Restorative movement, breath work, and Shamanic energy practices

  • Skilled, experienced, and kind facilitators.

  • Pre- retreat mentorship call to prepare for event (if requested)

  • Integration support through 3 follow-up group zoom calls and individual support where needed.

  • Optional Flower baths, body and energy work.

  • Our retreat centre is surrounded by many acres of wilderness and raw nature on all sides, this will be a deep nature immersive to reconnect with the soul of gaia!

Financial Reciprocity

1) Private Room- $3333 USD

2) Shared Room- $3111 USD 

3) Camping- $2599 USD (only 5 spaces available.)

(you would need to bring your own camp gear:)

This will be an intimate container of the great transformation, space is limited:)

Price includes all lodging, transportation durning retreat, most meals made with organic delicious food, and 11 days of ceremonial transformation. Price does not include airfare, travel insurance, day excursion meals, or gratuities. 

If you would like to schedule a phone call with us to speak more about this retreat, please email: visionaryheartsretreat@gmail.com

Retreat Cancellation and Refund Policies: All cancellations must be made in writing to Visionary Hearts, providing retreat date and date of cancellation. Cancellation 60 days or more before Retreat start date a full refund minus $100 processing fee. Cancellation 45-59 days before Retreat start date a 50% refund. Cancellation 45 days or less before Retreat start date: No Refund or Credit will be offered. No Refund or Credit will be offered for: No show, late arrival, early departure of retreat, personal injury/illness (with the exception of Covid), weather, travel delays, flight interruptions or schedule conflict.


COVID CANCELATION POLICY- If you have contracted Covid within 14 days of the retreat start date. We will refund you 75% of the total cost of the retreat, after you have provided documentation confirming your diagnosis. If you are traveling from outside the United States, Visionary Hearts, highly recommends that you purchase cancellation or travel insurance which may insure you against unforeseen illness, injury, job loss, inclement weather and more. There are no exceptions to the above cancellation, refund or credit policies.

*As of October 15th Hawaii will allow travellers from Canada to not quarantine for 14 days, if they have a covid test 72 hours before leaving to confirm that they are well. We anticipate this process becoming more streamlined by March 2021, as the newly developed "spit" test becomes more widely available.

**As of October 1st, 2020 there are a few companies offering travel insurance covering Covid for Canadians in the USA.

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This retreat will address healing on all levels. We will dive deep into the sacred and mythic landscape through our ceremonial work, to bring healing to the many inner realms of experience. As important as the ceremonial work is at this time on the planet, in order to truly transform our current lived experienced into "Heaven on Earth" it is critical to cleanse, nourish, move, and breath the body. All healing (emotional, mental, & spiritual) takes place through the body. To help facilitate this we have asked some of our dear friends and magnificent beauty walkers to bring their individual medicine into this retreat.


Lindsay Thompson

To deeply nourish us, Lindsay Thompson, will be bringing her vast breadth of wisdom through creating radically delicious Ayurvedic inspired meals. We will be focusing on alkalizing our bodies through organic meals, fresh juices, herbal teas, and cleansing from the inside out & the outside in. 

Lindsay has been a natural mystic since a young age.  She was deeply touched by the sacred elements of ritual and ceremony since her early days of mass in the Roman Catholic Church.  Since then, her path has led her far and wide to study Eastern philosophies, Earth-based spirituality and shamanic practices. She is an initiate in the Golden Chain of Kundalini Yoga, a Sufi initiate and leader of the Dances of Universal Peace, a mesa carrier in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, a Relational Somatic Therapist, and a devoted ceremonialist. Last but not least she is also a seasoned Wholistic Chef, and delights in serving others with nourishing and love-filled sacred food.


Lindsay has always been guided by the path of the heart, and is ever practicing quieting her mind and listening to the whisperings of her heart’s song.  It was in 2008 that her heart spoke loudly and beckoned her to travel to the Andes to learn to be in deeper communion with the earth, the plant kingdom, and the human journey.  She has never looked back since, and has continuously been graced with great depths of love and alchemical magic on her ever-unfolding journey.

Music has always struck her deepest chords and continues to be an integral part of her path.  She is an ever growing songstress and medicine song carrier and brings soulful resonance as the sacred sound current moves through her.















Reanna Costa 

For our guided somatic movement and breath work, we will have the very experienced and skilled yogi, Reanna Costa. She will help guide embodied communion through yoga, breath work, and teachings on re-wiring the nervous system. Her extensive knowledge will help to potentiate all that is offered in the ceremonial work.  Reanna is a powerful and masterful teacher who has dedicated her life to uncovering the mysteries of our bodymind. After 14 years of teaching and 1500hrs of training in anatomy, philosophy, inquiry and trauma, Reanna has synthesized together a blend of works and teachings to create a powerful method of creating freedom within the Self.



We experience 

Heaven on Earth through our bodies. Now is the time to get embody our divinity. 

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It is with boundless love and devotion that we offer this retreat. To learn more about Robin & Darcy. Please go to our "About Us" webpage.

See you in Hawaii!