A Visionary Council for Women of the Sacred Arts



The time of concealment is over.

The Great Mother is calling us Home.

How vast is our Love?

How clear is our Vessel?

How alive is our Sovereignty?

In this gathering of wise warrior women we will illuminate the mystery school that lives within each of our hearts through the ceremonial reclamation of our Divine Sovereignty. We will dive deep into the well of compassion, forgiveness, and medicine that lives in our DNA and re-member Love that we are. We will embrace the ancient remembrance hidden deep within our being of the “embodied Divine Feminine” through the power of our reverent devotion and potent practices of Union that span time, space, and spiritual traditions. Through this devotion, we will envision the new forms of leadership and practice that are required in this time of the Great Quickening and the global re-emergence of the fully empowered Goddess.

We gather to hold council and from within this circle:

  • Enter the Great Mysteries through the potent practices of the Mystery Schools, Pachakuti Mesa Lineage, Andean Shamanism, Breathwork, Yoga, and Alchemical Soul Art.

  • We will “dream”more fully into being our unique contribution as a Warrioress, and together foster radical cooperation and “open source” innovation to aide our lives, families, and communities in this time of the Great Turning,

  • As practitioners of the Sacred Arts we will create networks of mutual support to meet the unprecedented gifts and challenges of this time within Gaia-Sophia’s dreaming.

  • As devoted Mystics we will align with other Visionary Alchemists to potentiate our service and evolution within a powerfully held container for Self-care and renewal.

  • We will reclaim the the many faces of the Goddess that lives within each of us and in doing so honour, empower, and bless Your inner Warrioress!

We warmly welcome Two-Spirit, Trans, & Non-binary people to join this event.

This 5 day visionary council and ceremonial magic will be held at the Sentinel Retreat Center in Kaslo, British Columbia.

What is included in this retreat:

  • Three days of Earth honouring ceremonial work with Cacao and Heart Meditations.

  • Sacred Council, ceremony, and teachings for embodying our Sovereignty and reawakening the feminine face of spiritual warrior-ship.

  • Teachings and practices of Planetary healing rituals of the Andes.

  • Guided shamanic journey work to uncover the hidden wisdom of the Mystery Schools that lay sleeping within our DNA.

  • Organic, vegetarian, delicious food. Each meal nourishes the body, heart, and soul!

  • Restorative movement, dance, and Shamanic energy practices

  • Skilled, experienced, and kind facilitators.

  • Integration support 

  • Optional Flower baths

  • Pre-retreat zoom call on "Consent and Sacred Space" and post retreat mentorship zoom call to support empowered and resourced integration.

Retreat begins on Friday June 19th at 9am and concludes Sunday June 21st at 2pm

From the very depths of our hearts we welcome you to join us in this profound opportunity to receive more of yourself, within this 8,000 year old living lineage and golden medicine pathway, for personal and planetary healing! The ceremony begins the moment you commit to showing up. This is a process that taps you into the creative power and potential of your Holy Divine Sovereignty. It transcends time and space, it transcends the “known” and mental understanding. When you sign up for healing and service in this way, all of your Angelic guidance teams, vast realms of Benevolent support, and even the quantum fabric of the sentient Universe, begin to conspire for your greatest success. Synchronicity abounds step by step, breath by breath. 

Please remember that this is a powerful transformational journey and you will never be the same upon completion. Your engagement in this retreat can truly and remarkably support your life and your sacred purpose. This is an initiatory ceremony where it is necessary for each one of us to show up with a steadfast commitment to our own blossoming through self care, presence, practice, and sacred reciprocity. 

May we grow our souls through Love together,


We have created two options for financial reciprocity for this retreat.

If you have the call to join, we hope these options help to support you in making this an easy YES.


  1. Payment option 1- Pay for the retreat in one payment of $555 through cash or cashiers check (excludes cost of lodging for Warrioress & payment would need to be paid in full upon registration) 

  2. Payment option 2- Pay in 4 monthly instalments of $166.50+ GST through Paypal  (excludes cost of lodging Warrioress & your first payment would need to be made upon registration)


Lodging would be an additional per night fee of:

$50 a night for camping (spaces are limited)

$105 for shared room

$210 for a private room

$75 a night for super sweet glamping (spaces are limited)


Please note that there is a greater awareness of personal space, responsibility, and consent that this time of Covid is asking from us. If you would like to have a shared room you will need to have a friend or family member who consents to the gifts and possible risk of bunking with you. If you are open to bunking with another woman, but do not have a friend who is coming, just let us know and we can see if there are others in the same situation. The two of you could then have a conversation and determine if sharing space feels in alignment.

This retreat will be held in the beautiful east Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia at the gorgeous Sentinel Retreat centre. Surrounded by cedars, wildflowers, mountain streams and lakes, this ceremonial lodge is a unique jewel in the heart of the Kootenays. The ceremonial lodge is an ideal temple setting for this gathering of brilliant women.


a visionary council for women of the sacred arts

Participants will have access to the lodge for all retreat activities, meals and amenities. There are many high quality shared accommodations available and idyllic camping spots. All shared twin rooms have stunning views of the lake and mountains. Whether you are in a private luxurious queen room or a shared twin, all the accommodation is clean and modern. Your ensuite will have heated floors, a rain shower and amenities for your comfort. Fluffy white towels and crisp linens are waiting for you as you check into your room so you can relax and refresh.

In this retreat here are four "glamping" spaces. This will include a shared quadruple room with personal twin bed and shared bathroom. There are also limited camping options, for both personal campers or tents. All campers have access to bathrooms and showers. All event participants have access to the entire Sentinel Property which includes hot tub, cedar jacuzzi, private beach access, forest walks, a meditation labyrinth, and many sweet resting spots inside. Staying here is truly a spectacular experience!

We are passionate and dedicated to offering you the most nourishing, nurturing, and transformative experience possible. To support this process this retreat will include:

  • Organic &/or local food skillfully crafted by our beloved chef Lindsay Thompson. Lindsay has been cooking healthy, healing, and delicious food for groups for the last decade. She is trained in Ayurveda, Amazonian Vegetalismo, and is also a registered Somatic Counsellor. We are so happy and grateful to have her on our team.

  • All meals will have a vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free option. Please let us know ahead of time if you have any special food needs.

  • A team of loving, skillful, and compassionate women to support any and everything that may arise. You will be deeply supported to bring forth you Nuna Kallpa (soul power).

Robin Flynn M.A., Visionary Heart and Ceremonial Alchemist 

For more about Robin please go to Visionary Hearts Bio Page.

Big thanks to Collin Elder for the permission to use his beautiful image. For more on his art check out: www.http://www.collinelder.com/