April 22-25, 2021


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We have been in the deep dive of collective initiation for one year.  This year of initiation sparked, by the global pandemic, has left no one behind. Each and every one of us has experienced unique and very real challenges which have tested us to the core. The restrictions and isolation that have been legislated, individually and collectively, have required each of us to tap into an incredible amount of Soul Power and perseverance. Many of us have been scrambling to care for ourselves while in situations where we have also been caring for others. Many of us now know that in order to heal from this year, we need to come back together in circle and prayer, and to tend the bruised and tattered places within. Its been a heroic journey and it’s not over yet.


In recognition of the epic marathon of care, effort, love, and hard work so many in this community have been pouring out this year, we wish to offer a space for healing in dedication to this. “Blessing the Wounded Healer” retreat is a journey of blessing and transforming our service in the world. It is an opportunity for those in the healing professions, healers or you just need some care and blessing for your own life. We will dive into a co-created sacred space where the Love that is so often directed outward to others, can begin to be directed home towards the beautiful heart of Service that resides within. 


The greatest gift we can give those we serve is to not leave ourselves behind. 


Sometimes the “good intentions” to help another can lead to putting ourselves in harm’s way (either subtlety or overtly) and undermining the very inner well being that sustains our service in the world. With this huge year of restrictions and government orders, many of us have not had the choice, freedom, or simply space, to care for our own hurts.One of the greatest challenges in many of our lives is to create the time to take care of ourselves. This retreat is dedicated to “Blessing” all that you are, so that you can step back into your life and Service renewed and resourced. 

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This retreat will be a ceremonial and initiatory experience from the living mystery school of Your Heart. The medicine wisdom offered is anchored in the teachings of the Kamaska Curanderismo, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, Hermetic Alchemy, the reemerging divine feminine christ consciousness, and earth honouring animism. 


This retreat is ideal for those who wish to:

~ To be held in a sanctuary of beauty and peace where the burdens that you are carrying can be left behind.

~Remember Divine Source of All Life is the true well spring of all inner resources and the ability to be of service.

~Receive powerful blessings, cleansing and clearing for the “Wounded Healer” within. 

~Reconnect to your heart's innate wisdom and re-align to your sacred path of service, which always begins with Self-Love.

~ In service to Starseeds, light workers, shining ones, and beautiful hearts awakening to our luminous selves~




Thursday April 22nd

Noon- 1pm Arrival & Registration

1pm-5pm Opening Circle, Despacho Ceremony, and "Blessing the Wounded Healer" Teachings

7pm-7am Kamaska Curandero Mesada of Transformation (aka night time Heart Meditation)


Friday April 23rd

11am-noon Brunch

12pm-3pm Embodiment and Sacred Cacao Communion with Breathwork Integration Session

3pm-6pm Communion and flower bath & Limpia with Kootenay Lake

6:30pm- Dinner

Evening of self care and rest


Saturday April 24th

9am-9pm Mesada of Blessing- Daytime Heart Meditation

Sunset dinner


Sunday April 25th

8:30-9:30am Breakfast

9:30-Noon Council circle & Closing ceremony


We will gather to:


  • Enter the Great Mysteries through the potent ceremonial practices of the 2 Heart Medicine meditations - one in the night and one in the day, Pachakuti Mesa Lineage, Andean shamanism, Hermetic Alchemy, breath work, and meditation.

  • As a circle of care providers, healers, and front line workers, we will co-create an empowered Sovereign space for healing.

  • We will bring the vast love that lives within our hearts home to the inner “wounded healer”. Be ready to deeply transform through radical empowerment.

  • We will explore how the challenges of being in service (including burn-out, secondary trauma, “saviourism”, and service driven spiritual by-pass) can be transformed through ceremonial practice.

  • Ideal for individuals who feel stuck in patterns of co-dependence and over-giving.

  • As devoted Mystics we will align with other Visionary Alchemists to potentiate our service and evolution within a powerfully held container for Self-care and renewal. We will bring healing to the lost and broken places with us through an empowerment and resource model of healing.

  • We will reclaim the gifts and beauty of “Wounded Healer” as a source of blessing for our own lives and all Life!


What is included in this retreat- 

  • Four days and three nights of Earth honouring ceremonial work with 2 Heart Meditations & 1 Sacred Cacao Communion 

  • Sacred Council, ceremony, and teachings of "Unio Mystica" 

  • Teachings and practices of Planetary healing rituals of the Andes.

  • Elemental cleansing and blessing rituals 

  • Guided shamanic journey work to uncover the hidden wisdom of the Mystery Schools that lay sleeping within our DNA.

  • Organic local delicious food. Each meal nourishes the body, heart, and soul!

  • Sacred songs, Restorative movement, and Shamanic energy practices

  • Skilled, experienced, and kind facilitators.

  • Pre- retreat mentorship call to prepare for event (if requested)

  • Integration support through 2 follow-up group zoom calls and individual support where needed.

  • Optional Flower baths, body and energy work.

  • Full access to beach, cedar hot tub, and sauna.

Retreat Financial Reciprocity:

 $777 CAD

(this does NOT include lodging costs which are listed below)

DUE To covid restrictions


This 3 night retreat will be held at the beautiful Sentinel Retreat

● $105/person/day shared accommodation, or $210/day private king room (6 available)

● $90/person/day shared accommodation, or $180/day private (2 Queen rooms)

● $75/person/night glamping (sunroom - 4 people)

Please note that the lodging costs can be paid at the time of arrival at the retreat and will also include GST.


Payment option 1- $777 (20% discount when paid in Full)

Pay 50% deposit at the time of registration and the other 50% upon arrival.


Payment option 2- Five equal payments of $185

First payment is due upon registration and then each month after that.