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Thank you so much for finding your way to this sacred container. We know that it is Divine Grace that has brought us together. The ancient golden threads of lineage have prophesied your arrival and your awakening as an embodied way shower of Love. We are here to resource and empower the brilliant light of Your soul, the flowering your true essential nature, and the miraculous quantum medicine you have come here to birth.
Visionary Hearts exists to serve your sacred path of Service through shamanic energy medicine, workshops, retreats, and pilgrimages. Our mission is to be in service to You as you claim your radical soul gifts, unique expression of Divinity, the radiant brilliance of your healing, and bring these gifts forward for personal and planetary transformation.
It is our honour and our dharma to serve You.

Pachakuti Mesa Apprenticeship

The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition: Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal is a five- part series of intensives in the shamanic arts of restoring harmony, health, and earth stewardship.This workshop series aligns the traditional shamanic arts of Peru and the wisdom of its heritage with the needs of the present day, a transformational moment of planetary and human history.

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Nuna Kallpa Empowerment

Nuna Kallpa Empowerment is here to offer a mighty new way to resource and empower your healing, awakening, and sacred path of leadership.  Nuna Kallpa Empowerment is a totally new form of quantum healing and lineage transmission to resource and empower your life, health, wellbeing, and prosperity on all levels.


Shamanic Healing Retreats

We offer pilgrimages to the Sacred Valley of Peru that are ceremonial and initiatory journeys into the Heart of the Andean wisdom traditions. It is a precious opportunity to create a more alive and awakened connection to the ancient, yet every new, wisdom of the Andes.   We also offer transformational retreats in British Columbia.



Darcy Kopas and Robin Flynn are holistic mentors, guides, and teachers of the sacred arts and spiritual technology of the Pachakuti Mesa. Our work is based in the reverent application of cross cultural shamanism to co-create numinous containers of empowerment, resource, and healing.


With the blessings and sanction of our elders, we are bridging the vast ancient (yet very much alive) wisdom of Andean Paqokuna and Kamaska curanderismo within the dynamic evolutionary waves of the emergent global entheogenic renaissance. This bridge building is a syncretic and integral path which empowers each individual to become the “Shaman” of their own healing journey, through guided, sincere, and authentic practice. 


We work in sacred partnership to bring forth these teachings and ceremonies for personal and planetary healing. 

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"I have the highest respect for Robin and Darcy as workshop facilitators and ceremonial practitioners. They are kind, compassionate, and sensitive; highly attuned to the multidimensionality of inner exploration. They are devoted to being of service for the greatest good of all beings, and dedicated to supporting people to connect with themselves, community, and Spirit.  They both radiate love, wisdom, care, and the sincerity and resonance of people who live from their hearts. I've worked with them for years, and totally trust their ability to offer a safe, encouraging, and inspiring space where people can feel the freedom to be all that they are. As a facilitator myself for many decades, I feel confident that whatever they offer will reflect the goodness of their hearts and their dedication to service and Spirit, and bring great benefit and blessings to all those in their circles."

-Karuna Erickson-

International Yoga Teacher, Elder, and Author of "Heart Yoga"



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